Bathrooms are very functional rooms.  At fvk Design we help our clients rethink the bathroom to maximize functionality and beauty.  When we are designing a bathroom the first consideration is the client.  Who uses the space, and how is it used.  What is the current bathroom missing and what are its best features.  Affordable bathroom design considers keeping fixtures in their current location.  Moving toilets, sinks and showers can be an expensive undertaking.  The bathroom can be completely refreshed by bringing in new streamlined fixtures, adding a walk in shower, and creating more storage with custom cabinets.

Fvk Design offers complete bathroom renovation services with our project management strategy.  We take the stress out of renovations and control the process from concept to completion.  Or, our hourly consultations help homeowners who want to manage the project themselves by offering our expertise to select finishes from tiles, cabinets and wall colours.

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Fvk Design’s expertise guides you through the 15 step project management strategy in an easy efficient way, to maximize functionality and beauty of your bathroom.

Alternatively, our hourly consultations are an affordable way for fvk Design to help you create a design vision that you can implement.