At fvk Design we believe that good design is centred around our clients needs.  The starting place for all good design is in understanding how our clients use their space, what is working for them, and where are the looking for change.  Bedrooms can serve different purposes depending on the owner. 

Master bedrooms are often designed around relaxation and organization.  As a firm believer in the KonMarie method for decluttering, the bedroom is a great place to start organizing and simplifying your life.  You can refresh your entire home by surrounding yourself with the things that bring you joy, and removing the rest of the clutter.

Children’s bedrooms are often designed around playfulness .  This means the space needs to accommodate sleeping as well as toys.  Closet solutions are an affordable, and effective organization idea in all bedrooms.  fvk Design brings refreshing ideas to kids bedrooms with paint, accessories, bedding and more.

Fvk Design takes the stress out of interior design, from selecting paint colours to complete renovations and everything in between.  A bedroom can easily be refreshed with new paint colours, fresh bedding and window treatments. 

Contact us and find out how we can help with your next project.

Fvk Design’s expertise guides you through the 15 step project management strategy in an easy efficient way, to create a space that you can relax in.

Alternatively, our hourly consultations are an affordable way for fvk Design to help you create a design vision that you can implement.