As interior design trends continue to favour an open concept floor plans, the kitchen is really the most important element to most modern homes.


Dining room design can be dramatic and invigorating. Your dining room needs to be functional with space considerations and storage needs, but it can also be a fun space designed around conversation, and socializing.

Gone are the days when families have a formal living room, designed to be pristine and untouched. Rather family friendly spaces where the dog can jump on the couch and the kids can play with their toys.

We help our clients rethink the bathroom to maximize functionality and beauty.  When we are designing a bathroom the first consideration is the client. Who uses the space, and how is it used.


The starting place for all good design is in understanding how our clients use their space, what is working for them, and where are the looking for change. Bedrooms can serve different purposes depending on the owner.